Types of Access Doors for Residential Use

An access door is a versatile structural element that comes in a variety of designs. Access doors have been used for centuries in building construction. With technological advancements, they have progressively evolved over the years. Access doors are meant for safety and security reasons – by limiting all allowing exclusive access to specific areas of your home. That said, here is a breakdown of some common types of access doors in the market and their uses.

Flush Access Doors

flush access pannel

Flush access doors are mainly used to grant easy access to your walls or ceilings. Installing these structural elements in your home is an easy and economical way to make your home attractive and safe. The material chosen depends on where you intend to have it installed. Most flush access doors are made from steel and feature concealed hinges that make them look neat and attractive. Besides aesthetic benefits, a flush access door allows for easy access to plumbing, electrical, and other installed fixtures on your wall.

Floor Access Doors

Floor access doors are meant to provide an access window to areas below your floor. In most instances, these types of access doors are used to access sewage systems, underground pipes, electrical fixtures, and at times storage spaces. For maximum benefits, you need to ensure your floor access doors are water resistant, floodlight, gastight, and in some cases fire rated. For indoor applications, you might want to ensure they flush perfectly with the rest of the floor.

Roof Access Doors

When you need to access the roof of your attic, you want the process to be easy and convenient. Roof access doors address this need. These structural elements come in handy when you need to get to the roof to access a swamp cooler or to access your roof patio. Before buying a roof access panel, it is imperative to ensure it meets basic building construction and safety requirements.

Duct Access

ac ducts accessDuct panel doors provide convenient access to ducts whenever they need to be cleaned and repaired. These units are mostly installed near kitchen and laundry ducts, which are the most commonly accessed ducts. When choosing a duct access door, you might go either for a hinged unit (for small tubes) or a full duct panel duct panel for walk-in access to large spaces.

Access doors have served the construction industry for hundreds of years. Whether you are building a new home or doing some renovations, you need to install an access door. With the right unit, it becomes a lot easy to have your physical infrastructure run smoothly.