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Pest control- hiring the best pest controller

Your home could be infested with different types of pests. Let say cockroaches, bees, snails, houseflies and much more. Pests can lead to the spread of diseases while some cause diseases themselves. It is important to deal with pets immediately you notice them. If you leave the population to increase, it will be hard to deal with them once. You will be needed to hire pest control services from time to time which will be expensive. Not all pest control service providers are good. You need to select the best for a permanent solution. Read on to get tips on how to choose the best pest control services.

Pest control


snailThe technician should be knowledgeable enough to answer all your questions. They might not have some answers, but he or she should be willing to say they do not have the answer but will respond at a certain time. Honesty is key; they better be honest enough to say they do not know that giving a false answer.

Professional appearance

There is the way a pest controller must dress. Well, we expect them to come dressed in an overall or uniform. Their uniform must be clean as well. You should feel secure with the chemicals, equipment’s and a van or truck they came in.


After you have researched and settled for a pest control company, seek recommendations from friends and family. Do not call them before hearing a word from people around you about the company. If you do not get any information about them from friends, ask the company for referrals. Follow up by calling the numbers given for more details.


You must understand that different companies offer different pricing depending on services and other factors. The aim of hiring a pest control company is to get your problem solved. If you paid for the services, but no results witnessed, then you lost your money. This is to say that, always choose quality over price. It is better to pay huge amounts, and the problem is gone for good than, paying little amounts month after month.


HouseflyIn most cases, pests are eradicated by chemicals. The technician must be willing to discuss with you the type of chemicals used. The chemical container must be clean, well labeled and professional. The technician should also tell if the chemical has adverse effects. This way people around will take precaution measures and stay safe.…

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How to choose a plumber

The plumbing system is among the most sensitive systems in a house. If not correctly handled, it could lead to spread of diseases and other inconveniences. After the system is installed, you can decide to learn procedures which will help you handle simple plumbing needs. You will, however, need the services of a professional at some point. It is for this reason that you should be aware of how to choose the best plumbers in your area. Below are important things to consider when choosing a plumber.

How to choose the right plumber


plumbing toolsIs the plumber qualified to operate as a plumber? Did they attend school or learned it from friends? It is important whichever the case that they observe the highest degree of professionalism. At times you might be forced to leave them all by themselves in your house. It is only a professional who will do what they came to do without snooping or doing it poorly because no one is watching.


How long have been operating as a plumber? As we all know experience comes with skill and expertise. They will be able to handle all plumbing needs if they have done the work for some time now. Avoid hiring plumbers who are new or in practice. If you were hiring a company and they insist on giving you a trainee, they should be accompanied by their trainer.

Check their website

Almost all businesses are operating a website today. This is because the world has turned digital and all customers are looking for service providers online. Once on their website, check on customer reviews. What other customers say about a service provider matters a lot. Do not, however, entirely rely on online reviews in your decision making.


Ask the plumber for referrals. A confident and honest plumber will not hesitate to give you contacts of people they have worked for before. Call them and get to hear if they were satisfied by their services or not. One thing for sure is that no customer will refer you to a bad service provider.


ToolsCost brings huge differences in the purchase or goods and services. It applies to plumbing. You should hire a plumber with reasonable pricing and within your budget. Yes, cheaply is expensive, but it is not always true that expensive is high quality. Be wise when saying yes to their quotations. Always go for the best deal regarding price and quality.…

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BBQ Duel

See what some of our 2012 Don’t Be Cruel BBQ Duel competitors had to say!!!

2012 Grand Champions Killer Hogs

“One of my new favorite BBQ contests is the Don’t Be Cruel BBQ Duel in Tupelo, Ms. It’s a great time of year to cook BBQ in Mississippi because the weather is perfect. The staff and all the volunteers are friendly and on top of everything. Everyone in the town is happy to welcome you there. And even though it’s one of the biggest contests in the area, they go above and beyond to roll out the red carpet for every team. This is one of the most well-run contests I’ve ever been to. Plus… the payout is outstanding. I can’t wait to get my Elvis glasses and head to Tupelo next year!”

Malcom Reed

McFrankenboo BBQ

We had the opportunity to compete in the 2012 Don’t Be Cruel BBQ Duel and cannot wait to go back for 2013! Our team, McFrankenboo BBQ, is all about the Irish and we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at every barbeque competition! We didn’t even have to pretend for this one, as it was actually on St. Patty’s Day! We cannot say enough about this event. The volunteers and staff were so attentive throughout the weekend, from load in to load out, there was never a moment of confusion or a feeling of despair as a competitor. Anything we needed was brought right to us or we were directed to where it was. The grounds were beautiful and spread out so we weren’t right on top of each other and everyone was so friendly. Apparently the luck of the Irish was with us because we took 1st place in Pork with a Perfect Score and got to take home one of the coolest trophies, which now proudly sits on our mantle. We even spent the evening in Tupelo, enjoying some of it’s culture. It was only a 6 hour drive from St. Louis and it was well worth it!! Bev Crossen and her team were top notch and produced an event of the same caliber!
McFrankenboo BBQ

2012 Reserve Champion PIT BULLS UP IN SMOKE

The Don’t Be Cruel BBQ Duel was one of the most well thought-out and professionally run contests that Pit Bulls “Up In Smoke” Professional BBQ Team has had the honor to be a part of. The volunteer staff saw to our every need, were gracious in their handling of the teams, and went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and needs were met. What truly impressed not just my team, but many others, was the fact that the city took the time to have police escorts help us into the location for set up. Some contests are not so easy from that respect. It was a seamless event with much to do for the general public and all the participating BBQ teams. We truly had a feeling of welcome, warmth, and true southern hospitality in Tupelo. We have every intention of attending your event next year given your amazing track record in the 2012 BBQ Competition. We sincerely thank all the coordinators, the City of Tupelo, the sponsors, and the volunteers who made this a memorable event for all.
Best Regards,
Danny & Rebecca Coogle

Rod Gray Pellet Envy

I just wanted to follow up to tell you how fabulous the Don‘t Be Cruel BBQ Duel was this year. I have traveled the country, cooking and competing in nearly 400 events the past twelve years, and I have to say, you folks hosted a truly amazing event. Not only would I never guess that your contest was new on the circuit, I will tell you that after only participating for the first time, your contest is now on my short list of favorites. I am already making plans to attend in 2013.

Rod Gray / Pellet Envy

HOGJAM, Tupelo, Miss.

I thought the Don’t Be Cruel BBQ duel was a first class event. The support from the community, the venue, and the organization made it a competition that we will be excited to return to year after year.…

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